Interment Rights
What are interment rights?
At Friendship Cemetery when you purchase interment rights, you in fact purchase the right to designate who may be interred or entombed in the space, rather than purchasing the grave /lot/urn space/crypt or niche itself, which remains the property - and the responsibility- of the cemetery.

Interment rights include the right to place a memorial. A portion of the purchase price of all interment rights is contributed to an irrevocable fund - Endowment Care fund.  Income from this fund is used to provide regular care and maintenance activities in the cemetery.

What is the purpose of Endowment Care?
Endowment Care is to ensure that there would be monies available to maintain the cemetery in the future. Regular care and maintenance activities include: cutting grass, re-grading of graves and lots, planting and caring for trees, maintenance of community mausoleum, water supply systems, roads, drainage, etc.
      Our Lives. Our Stories. Our Love.

  The acquisition of land and the first interments in Friendship Cemetery (which was planned with the Black community in mind) took place in the early 1920s.

At Friendship Cemetery you and your family decide how to tell your life story. There are many ways for you and your love ones to be remembered.  Whether it is sculpted marble, carved granite, concrete, or bronze, you define how you want to be remembered.

This Friendship Cemetery website is a labor of love.  We designed it in order to help preserve our heritage.  Our goal is to evolve it into a perpetual means to keep up with you and your families generations. Because all our lives have stories of love and accomplishments!

Collaborative Partners.....
* Webb Community Center
* Langston Alumni Association
* Garland Co. Historical Society
* Area Funeral Homes and Burial Associations
* Preservation of African American Cemeteries
* St. Mary's Catholic Church 

Be Prepared, Pre-plan your Burial Arrangements...
  When death touches our life, there are 49 decisions that have to be made within a couple of days.

If you have your cemetery and funeral pre-arrangements made there are only two decisions you will have to make:  Date and Time.

You decide, 49 vs 2. 
This Checklist  (pdf, 47kb) was published by the ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association)

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